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BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the largest School, our size reflects our experience; of childhood education and practical application enabledus to create the best possible setting for children with big hopes, dreams and ideas.

At BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we strive to make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences to help young learners find whatinterests and inspires them. It is our joy and pleasure to offer BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL as a paradise for setting the children to school. Be sureyour child is in a safe comfortable atmosphere where learning is full of fun.

The programs that we provide are unique in the way that they are well researched and implemented in our school all in a caring child-friendly enviroment. the Next Generation curriculum at BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL adapts and integrates technology to enchance children's learning. Digital technologies and technology-supported activities align well with the Curriculum. BABA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Curriculum is designed to develop and practice the Executive Function skill that focus on building the capabilitities essential for lifelong lerning, regulation of thoughts, emotion and behavior.It supports the process (how) of learning that is focusing, rembering, planning thatenables children to effectively and efficiently masterthe content (what) of learning. The Curriculum helps the children to develop thge skill sets needed to analyze and process new information, to flexibly adapt when situations are changed. To develop and enhance skill that helps in the ability to hold things in mind, step back and reflect.

Aasha Thombare


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    Specialised certified trainers for spoken fluent English
    spoken fluent English
    Phonics Introduction for pre-primary
    Fully A/C Classrooms
    32 different festival celebration
    CCTV cameras in all classrooms
    Digital Equipments for activity
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    Education, Decepline & Values

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