School Facilities

Our commitment to excellence extends to the facilities we provide on campus. The infrastructure, sports areas, music room, transport arrangements, library, laboratories, medical facilities are all designed to be a part of the green surroundings. Baba international school is a well-designed School which offers all the modern facilities that are needed to provide the students a safe, secure and happy learning environment.


Today's schools are not only tasked with preparing children for their future careers, but also teaching essential life skills, habits and attitudes that will help them successfully navigate adulthood.


a computer is vital to ensure they have the proper knowledge & skills for their career in the future. A computer has become now very common, unlike pen & paper.


Transport facility will be made available on specified routes and designated stops only, at the sole discretion of the school management.

Digital Learning & Coaching

In digital education, students can easily access recorded lectures and use them as a reference. This helps them understand the subject better and speed up the entire learning process.